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One Stop Shop For 100% Natural Fertilizer & Organic Fertilizer Products, Total Replacement Of Our Current Chemical Farming Practices & Requirements Of Soil/Foliar Applications Both.


Dr. Green Fertilizers
The offered Dr. Green includes various types of natural fertilizers that help in efficient fertilization of soil and makes the plants grow naturally and more effectively. The fertilizers are necessary for the soil and plant health.
Organic Agro Product

The offered Organic Agro Product are made available by us in various types and are made for various purposes. This product provides protection against a broad spectrum of fungal pathogens and simplifies controlling fungal disease from various places.

Organic Fertilizer Liquid

We are supplying here the Organic Fertilizer Liquid that provides nutrients plants lack in an easy to use formulation. An increase in nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and other nutrients help plants and turf grow strong.

Plant Growth Promoter

Plant Growth Promoter is a natural or herbal fertilizer, specially designed for the overall growth of the plants. They are efficient in improving the crop, quality, and productivity significantly. These are available in various types and are very effective.

Bio Organic Fertilizer

The Bio Organic Fertilizer offered by us is the food of plants and fertilization is an important way to ensure high and stable yield of crops in agricultural production. It promotes growth by increasing the supply or availability of primary nutrients to the host plant.

Grenary 18(C) Organic Manure
The offered Grenary 18(C) Organic Manure is made available by us in various types for increasing the soil texture and provides the nutrients to the soil for making the plants grow naturally and has no side effects.
Organic Fertilizer

Offered Organic Fertilizer feed the soil and sustain plants include animal waste and byproducts. It refers to compost made from animal waste or animal and plant residues that are rich in natural by-products.

Agriculture Fertilizer

An Agricultural Fertilizer enhances the natural fertility of the soil or replace the chemical elements taken from the soil by previous crops. The fertilizers comprise nutrients such as nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus that are provided to the crops to enhance the soil.

Dr.Green Agricultural Fertilizers

The Dr.Green Agricultural Fertilizers can be is beneficial for all the varieties of plants and crops cultivated. They have a stimulating and anti-stress function. The fertilizers are microelements, i.e. nutrients necessary for the cultivation and protection of plants.

Organic NPK Fertilizer

Offered Organic NPK Fertilizer is a broad-spectrum organic fertilizer that supplies balanced, slow-release nutrients Nitrogen (N), Phosphorous (P), and Potassium (K) to the various places like vegetable garden, farms and other places. They are very efficient and useful.

Green House Farming

The Green House Farming is a term used to define virtually any major agriculture endeavor that is carried out using greenhouses. These allow farmers to grow many different kinds of crops in climates that may not be hospitable.

Grenary-18 Booster Attack
The offered Grenary-18 Booster Attack is made available by us for keeping the pants healthy and promotes its growth naturally without harming it. The booster helps it from being harmed by insects and helps the nutrients reach the root.
Organic Plant Food Liquid

We are offering here the Organic Plant Food Liquid is any form of drink that you give to your plants. Just like us, plants need food and drink in order to survive.

Grenary-18 Growth Promoter
The offered Grenary-18 Growth Promoter is very efficient and helps in making the growth of the plants faster and natural. The promoter is very effective and helps in making the nutrients reach the roots.
BEEJAMRUT (Seed Treatment)
The offered BEEJAMRUT (Seed Treatment) is made available by us in a portable bottle and is necessary for making the seeds more efficient and is suitable for being used in various commercial and industrial applications. It is very essential for the seeds.

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